Brad Engle


About Me

It started with a flyer.  I had to advertise a comedy show at my college and my goal was to make something that stood out from the sea of boring flyers that populated the campus.  I designed the one you see below using Microsoft Word.  Instead of humbly putting up one flyer, I’d put a dozen on a door, in the bathrooms, the gyms, outside classrooms, and just about anywhere that would be impossible to ignore.


It worked. More people came to the show and I saw the power of advertising for the first time.


After college, I honed my craft with the old school practices of Grey and the modern digital advertising of Organic and BBDO.  Even after over a decade of experience, I’m constantly working on my skills to solve business problems with creativity.  If you are an individual, major corporation or something in-between, I’m going to give you my all to create the best advertising possible be it a national TV campaign, an email blast, a radio spot, classic print ads or even a flyer.  I love this work and can’t wait to create advertising with you.

Me and my sister's dog Molly

Advertising works