Brad Engle


Improv & Sketch Comedy

A big part of my creative education has been studying improv and sketch comedy at The Magnet Theater and Upright Citizens Brigade Theater.  I started over 15 years ago and I still love it.  I’ve performed in countless shows and have taught others.  It’s an ongoing education that teaches you not just about comedy, but also failure and how to learn from mistakes.  What’s most important is that you get back up there and try again knowing you might fall flat on your face again or knock it out of
the park.


What I find extremely helpful as a creative professional is truly knowing how to improvise.  This is great in creative development where I can take an idea and run with it.  I’ve even been on set and improvised creative decisions on the fly.  I’m not afraid to try things or explore an idea with another person.  Support is key in improv and I’m not one to quickly shoot down someone’s idea, no matter how crazy it may sound.  In fact, my training has taught me that every idea may have a seed of a fantastic idea waiting to be uncovered.


Of course, my favorite part of studying comedy is having a good laugh.  It’s very rewarding to earn a laugh and even better to work with others who love humor as much as I do.  I’m not a person who is always “on”, but my radar is up and ready for an appropriate time to land a joke.


I still perform so please email me if you’d like to be notified about shows.  You can see ads I made for past shows below.